My Russell Hobbs Blender

At first I was skeptical because of the color, because I actually prefer inconspicuous products. However, this skepticism could not be confirmed. A really good glass container and also to clean very well because of the shape.
The 600 watts are sufficient, I use it daily for a breakfast shake (frozen fruit, oatmeal, etc.)

- At first he smelled the mixing process a bit of burnt plastic, but they calmed down.
- The only shortcoming is that it may not always instantly engages when connecting the tank to the engine part.
- For my feel he could be a little quieter

For the price you really can not expect more, so it's worth it times 40 € to spend on a still very cheap mixer that also holds, however.
The delivery was also quick and without problems.

The mixer I gave my girlfriend and she is very begeistert.Er mixes everything super fast and crush ice can also be quickly zubereiten.Wenn times quickly may have a smoothie then it is quite practical, all things are pure, anschmeißen and fertig.Wie loud as he is, I can not say, because my girlfriend nix notice regarding mentioned hatte.Preis and performance is great and the color is really as pictured, looks great. Fast and flawless delivery as always with Amazon

The mixer is really worth the money. Nuts no problem, soups and sauces is crushed he gets out wonderfully. I love him and do not want to miss it! However, he has more viscous foods with little problems, but because you can help him a bit and stir eg between with a spoon, then that works too.

Special praise at this point but again for the Customer from Amazon! After a short time the glass container had unfortunately a crack (possibly since the beginning and is only not seen). Short Chat with Support, the next day came the new blender home blender back and replaced the broken to Amazon. All this with no problems. Which other dealer would have given it? I shall not fall a.

Kai Shadow

Author:Kai Shadow
Selamat datang ke FC2!

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