My New Love Samsung Galaxy S4 mini Smartphone

My new love after SPlus that I had before. At the most brilliant I think it is even available in purple (ok, I'm a girl;-D) The size is just right, it fits exactly with Flip Case in my pocket. I just think that, most of the preinstalled apps are, and not also erasable absolutely unnecessary for me. It sucks a bit when it constantly updates are reported. The camera is fantastic, the flashlight function super practical. Nothing to complain about.

I'm excited about this great Samsung s4 mini !!! I switched from iPhone to this unit and do not regret it. Advantages of the Samsung is that the memory can be expanded with a memory card. Operation simple, mobile is very good in the hand, looks very nice and the price performance ratio is enormous. About 300 euros cheaper than the iPhone 5s. I can only recommend the Samsung.

Who does not want a expensive contract but prepaid like my daughter. Which is well served with this smartphone, affordable, relatively easy menu navigation, great colors, and in the end it is still unterzubringen.Somit terms of size everywhere I've decided for the mini.

As my mother has always had only worn the phones from me and my sister, she has now decided to own a mobile phone to buy. It should not be too expensive, because they had so far also do not have high expectations, but also not an old mill, which is slow and makes bad images.
As we've made good experiences with Samsung and the menu is simple, we opted for the S4 Mini. Why not the S4? Quite simply, the new Samsung phones are all so great that they do it quickly found in the pocket, my mother, however, is quite cumbersome from handling.

Now to the camera: It certainly does not make the most beautiful holiday pictures and the best quality, but the phone still makes like Samsung's usual good pictures. The system on the phone runs fast, no crashes and easy to understand. My mother has fun on the phone, although they always stood previously at loggerheads with technical devices. From my point of view the phone can nevertheless much and is for beginners, but also those who want to do with your smartphone, no special feats, very good geeingnet and more than recommended.

My Russell Hobbs Blender

At first I was skeptical because of the color, because I actually prefer inconspicuous products. However, this skepticism could not be confirmed. A really good glass container and also to clean very well because of the shape.
The 600 watts are sufficient, I use it daily for a breakfast shake (frozen fruit, oatmeal, etc.)

- At first he smelled the mixing process a bit of burnt plastic, but they calmed down.
- The only shortcoming is that it may not always instantly engages when connecting the tank to the engine part.
- For my feel he could be a little quieter

For the price you really can not expect more, so it's worth it times 40 € to spend on a still very cheap mixer that also holds, however.
The delivery was also quick and without problems.

The mixer I gave my girlfriend and she is very begeistert.Er mixes everything super fast and crush ice can also be quickly zubereiten.Wenn times quickly may have a smoothie then it is quite practical, all things are pure, anschmeißen and fertig.Wie loud as he is, I can not say, because my girlfriend nix notice regarding mentioned hatte.Preis and performance is great and the color is really as pictured, looks great. Fast and flawless delivery as always with Amazon

The mixer is really worth the money. Nuts no problem, soups and sauces is crushed he gets out wonderfully. I love him and do not want to miss it! However, he has more viscous foods with little problems, but because you can help him a bit and stir eg between with a spoon, then that works too.

Special praise at this point but again for the Customer from Amazon! After a short time the glass container had unfortunately a crack (possibly since the beginning and is only not seen). Short Chat with Support, the next day came the new blender home blender back and replaced the broken to Amazon. All this with no problems. Which other dealer would have given it? I shall not fall a.

Wansview WiFi Lan/WLan Ideal Camera

For the price I did not expect much - and I was surprised by the good quality. My D-Link DCS-932L delivers significantly poorer images and is also non-rotating / swivel. Therefore, I am very pleasantly surprised by the Wansview camera. An approximately 40 square meters large room is very well lit at me from the infrared diodes and imaged by the camera. Would I buy again. I've been thinking to replace the D-Link DCS-932L against another Wansview.

Ideal camera - infrared function works flawlessly. We currently use the camera in the nursery to watch our baby when it is sleeping. Baby gets thereof with nothing. Later, you can see the camera if necessary, during the holiday period in the apartment up. With cell phone can monitor camera recording while on the go

I bought this camera to keep an eye on my animals while I'm on vacation. Commissioning is as previously described very simply.
Connect the device via cable and immediately set to go. The access via the Internet is easily set in. I had individual problems. In case of difficulty, you should enable not only in the router's port forwarding, but also look in modem times. Otherwise described as a super camera that easily and quickly gives me a look at my animals.

The installation of the software was delivered with difficulty. Unpack the camera and connect to a LAN cable to your router. Search with the IP-Cam-search program the camera, then you can assign the camera the correct IP address. By default, the camera is placed on the Http port 80, I have yet laid there for safety on the Http port 8090. Thus, the camera is visible on the Internet, must be set up (in my 8090) on the router nor a release (Port Forwarding) with the IP address of the camera and the decorated Http Port. Since the IP address of the router to the outside world changes every 24 hours (forced separation by the provider), you should still set up a DNS on the router (Dynamic Namespace Service). At best a free provider (I have taken Subscribe to the DNS provider and enter their login information in the router, done. Now the camera has a fixed name can appeal to the Internet anywhere, of course, a username and password, goes without saying. Have fun with the Wansview camera!

Dell U2414H Monitor

A very good monitor. But on my MBP there are a few unpleasant problems:
The Changing the screen settings for turning is just awkward in the system settings possible (since there was already in the 90s of the last century monitors the better with the Mac could) and the monitor does not get along with the OS X screen saver. You have to restart it after exiting the screensaver.

The build quality is to be expected as Dell ... super! The panel produced a briliantes image and with the small edges of the monitor is very high quality! In criticism I have, however, the touch-sensitive keys, they are a disgrace. You have to know exactly at what point they react and in the dark you can not see it already. There's only on suspicion press somewhere until the menu appears in the display.

The screen has a very good picture, brightness distribution is quite uniform, and the height and tilt adjustment is very convenient.
Negative is not only the included as default for the input signal MIni-DP cable but the normal DP input. An automatic detection can not be the problem. This has led to frustration 1h at me because of a black screen for the geunden I had no explanation, because I had done everything correctly according to installation instructions.

Therefore actually 4.5 stars

Too bad that the edges and corners are unevenly illuminated. This falls in my opinion but not in "normal" operation on bright (eg Office, Internet, etc.) but only in dark motionless representations and therefore to get over considering the price for me.

Operate on (very good, I think) monitor a Thinkpad X201 and a Mac Mini. First attempts, the TP via DisplayPort and Mac via (Thunderbolt -> MDP) to operate Mini DisplayPort suggested so far failed, as that switching only because flipped when the monitor for a few seconds was switched off (took me a few days, this find out). Did it a DP -> HDMI cable ordered for the TP, only klappts "on the fly".

Nachteile von LG Electronics 42LB5600

Buyer Beware !!! Ich gab nur diese 2 Sterne wegen seiner dünnen Design und sehr schöne Bildqualität, aber ich bin fassungslos, dass sie offen die Möglichkeit, Filme über USB abspielen zu werben. Das ist eine glatte Lüge. Das Set hat keine Software oder Motor zu entschlüsseln und spielen etwas anderes als ein mp3 oder jpg. Es wurde mir an der Box speichern Ich kaufte es aus wie in der Lage, Plug and Play-Filme über USB beworben. LG sollte intensivieren und Antwort. In der Zwischenzeit werde ich "borgen" den Satz für den 30-tägiges Rückgaberecht und dann bringen sie zurück an die Box Laden, wo das nächste Modell höher wird der gleiche Preis :) Das wird ihre Buße für eklatante Falschdarstellung eines Produktes sein. Wenn diese Funktion funktioniert hätte würde ich 4,5 Sterne gegeben. Ebenfalls gesetzt ist kein Smart TV wie einige erwähnt haben.

Das Design des TV ist ziemlich gut. Es sieht modern und elegant. Das Bild ist in Ordnung und ist eine Verbesserung gegenüber meinem vorhergehenden Satz. Es ist nicht das schärfste Bild gibt, aber immer noch verdammt gut. Der Sound auf diesem Fernseher ist schrecklich. Flachbild-Fernseher in diesen Tagen haben wenig Raum für hochwertige Lautsprecher. Der Sound auf diesem Modell macht die meisten Dinge unwatchable. Ich würde vorschlagen, immer eine Soundbar oder einige Surround-Sound-Lautsprecher. Es hat die (klare Stimme) Audioeinstellung, um den Ton zu verstärken und schieben Sie es heraus zu Ihnen. Auch mit diesem eingeschaltet ist, habe ich immer noch Schwierigkeiten mit dem Hören des Dialogs aus Filmen und TV-Shows. Es ist aufgeführt, dass es (Bildassistent), wo man leicht die Bildeinstellungen zu kalibrieren, um eine optimale Qualität. Ich schaute durch die Einstellungen und konnte sie nicht finden. Meine Vermutung ist, die kleineren Modelle nicht, dass zur Verfügung haben. Ich habe irgendwo gelesen, dass es angeblich hat einen Kopfhöreranschluss. Ich konnte nicht feststellen, dass entweder.

Große Schlafzimmer TV, Unschlagbaren Preis

Wunderbare Kundendienst erlaubt einen Preis Match auf einen Special kaufen aus NYC Händler auf ihrer Trefferliste. Unschlagbare Angebot für eine sehr gute piepte Zimmer TV. Einzige Beschwerde wäre nur 2 HDMI-Anschlüsse sein. LG macht einen großen 2014-Modell mit großen HD-Bild. Die Bildqualität ist in Ordnung, ohne Änderung der Einstellungen, aber wenn Sie die Einstellungen ändern die Bildqualität und Farben und Schwarzwerte werden erstaunlich. Wirklich dünn und sieht überall groß.

Tolle Farbe, toller Sound. Es hat eine sehr einfach zu bedienen Menü, das Sie aus sechs verschiedenen Bildmodi wählen und ermöglicht aus fünf verschiedenen Sound-Modi - Standard, Spiele, Filme, Musik und Sport. Wie Sie die einzelnen Modi zu blättern, sie vorübergehend Änderungen an diesem Modus, so dass Sie sofort wissen, ob es was Sie sehen oder hören wollen. Nicht negativ, aber wenn man so etwas wie Wii zu tun und ein Upgrade von einer älteren TV, werden Sie verschiedene Eingangsbuchsen benötigen.

Ich hatte zunächst eine sehr schlechte, ein-Sterne-Bewertung zu diesem TV geschrieben. Auf Anraten von Freunden und nach dem Lesen Reaktionen auf meine Rezension, habe ich den Fernseher mit HD-Kabel und. . . ein tolles Bild. Ich fühle mich fühlen verlegen über meine erste Rezension. Ich bin ein Upgrade auf einem 3-Sterne-Bewertung, aber kein 5-Sterne-Bewertung, wegen der schlechten Tonqualität. Vielen Dank an Alle.

Wow, was für eine Enttäuschung. Ich kaufte mir diese, um eine 9-jährige TV zu ersetzen. Ich dachte, ich Upgrade wurde, aber leider habe ich einen Schritt nach unten in der Qualität gemacht. Ich bin nicht sicher, was schlimmer ist, die schreckliche Klangqualität, die extrem bescheidene Bildqualität oder die bizarren, ekelerregend Farben. Ich kann nicht glauben, dass diese TV ist auch auf den Markt von LG setzen. Der Sound ist wie ein AM-Radio in einem Schuhkarton mit alten Socken gestopft. Die Farbtöne sind ekelhaft Richtung Lachsmousse und eine sehr seltsame blaue gewichtet. Ich habe alle voreingestellten Ton- und Farbanpassungen versucht, aber nichts funktioniert. Ich empfehle Ihnen, auf diesen einen Pass zu spielen.

Flux density method of speaker

Most of the speaker unit that is built into the audio equipment general have adopted this method. Its basic structure is not changed until now since it was invented by Edward W. Kellogg and Chester W. Rice in 1924, this method is because the superior simple.

Permanent magnet of the donut-shaped is used for speaker unit of the dynamic. The cylindrical space corresponding to the hole of the donut, smaller diameter tube slightly above "voice coil" is inserted. The voice coil is a kind of coil, in which it was wound on the conductor tube of paper or plastic. Voice coil oscillates back and forth direction in accordance with the waveform for the audio signal flows in the conductor, it becomes an electromagnet. Vibration plate is directly connected to the voice coil, the sound of the waveform is equal to the audio signal is emitted into the air by the diaphragm to vibrate together. This is the principle of the linear motor itself, it is possible to perform a dynamic type speaker and a kind of linear motor.

And so that each part of the above is fixed to the frame, called a frame, and completed as a unit. The permanent magnet is rigidly fixed to the frame, but it is necessary to diaphragm and the voice coil vibrates, the voice coil via the damper, the vibration plate is called stretched so as to surround the outer periphery thereof an "edge" via the flexible membrane, it is fixed to the frame, respectively. Suspension for fixed to the frame the diaphragm edge and damper is (suspension system), but I'm so as not to interfere with movement only in the longitudinal direction. Also, dampers have a role in suppressing the natural frequency of the diaphragm. There are usually threaded hole in the frame, the unit is attached to the enclosure and thereby.

High magnetic flux density is required for the permanent magnets used in magnetic circuit. Ferrite magnet with excellent cost performance is often used, but such as neodymium magnets and samarium-cobalt magnet strong magnetic force is also used for the small speaker. It should be noted, alnico magnet was also used to center the luxury goods before, but I was no longer seen now mostly because the nickel price was high boiling. In addition there is a merit magnetic resistance is small in alnico magnet, but there is also a disadvantage that need easy to demagnetization, a special magnetic circuit.

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