Job change rules

Creating a player character belongs to the class system. Occupations tend to characters of the Three Kingdoms and "warrior" and "civilian" is classed. Something like a hero point called transcendent skill in character for each class has been set, he much to the fate of the entire country in only one person in that you want to use it is possible. In addition to convert the character of the PC game version that had been released from the honor is also possible.

There is a job change rules that reproduces the "success in life" in a characteristic part of this game, the "warrior" and "Shogun", and society "civilian" and, in "Sir phase" by simply stacking several times just playing the game stance can change jobs to class higher. This rule possible quick rise to fame of "become a stalwart of the country warrior of the flow object is simply raise the Buko once" is also a reproduction of the world view of "Romance of the Three Kingdoms Kingdoms".

Acts decision belongs to the upper decision. It is considered to be the sum of the skills value and capability value to the sum of the two hexagonal die, to be used in the action determination, the result is equal to the target value than the action decision, action determination was successful.

Group battle is the rule of to represent war situation, this is not like a war simulation game is expressed in detail by calculating the forces. Group battle is performed on a mass arranged on a straight line is referred to as "shuttle Gauge" and not on the map. Place separately pieces of enemy and friendly to both ends of the shuttle gauge, by confrontation with Acts judgment, coma military each proceed towards the opponent's piece side. If you were defeated and can better "jostling" is performed coma coma and if the contact, won the judgment of jostling proceeds to retreat. In this way, those who impelled the outside of the gauge completely opponent's piece side is winning. It can be said that there is a rule exciting and quite abstract, but because there were aspects of the jostling battle by soldiers of several hundreds of thousand even large-scale battle of China Three Kingdoms period of fact, and is also a rule that represents easily the atmosphere of the war of the Three Kingdoms period .

You are the foundation of the world "Three Kingdoms Kingdoms" basically. However, it is a prerequisite history is going to greatly changed by the success of the player character. Therefore, there is no need to dwell on the history of the historical facts and the original exactly.

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