Philips HR2084/90 Stand Blender Essential 650 Watt

I have the Philips Blender since lats year and use it at least 3 times per week- times for smoothies (with and without ice cream / frozen fruits), times for milkshakes. It works great and can be cleaned quickly. As for me, however I have wundert- then bought it for around 50/60 € on Amazon, which was a great value for money of course! Before this one i use breville blend-active personal blender 300 watt at my home.

very awesome device! somewhat intimidating how much power the part actually has, but helps immensely if you would like to make it by myself smoothies or so. if it is in our pumpkin soup we make therein the boiled broth and mixxen it until it is creamy. without problems. So this device is more than recommended. they have now been almost nem year I think and it still runs like a charm. Cleaning is extremely easy and joa.

a tip: Wash immediately after use, otherwise the odor a real killing if you want to do something quark even so! Believe it on the rubber isolier thing is because he takes the odor. but whatever, wash immediately and the problem is no problem more (I myself had pitch)

have the part now a year, and all is well. with rubber feet, so that the part can also run alone. heavy big glass container, in the really goes in a lot. However, at full load it gets difficult to mix with - but honestly, who needs 1.5 liter capacity?

the levels are perfect, everything is thought. smoothies, ice crushing, pulse and continuous control. cleaning is easy, the knife can also be taken out, but you do not need that are not cancerous. However, the part is a bit loud, so at night time you should leave quickly mix which, unless you live alone

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Kai Shadow

Author:Kai Shadow
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