Flux density method of speaker

Most of the speaker unit that is built into the audio equipment general have adopted this method. Its basic structure is not changed until now since it was invented by Edward W. Kellogg and Chester W. Rice in 1924, this method is because the superior simple.

Permanent magnet of the donut-shaped is used for speaker unit of the dynamic. The cylindrical space corresponding to the hole of the donut, smaller diameter tube slightly above "voice coil" is inserted. The voice coil is a kind of coil, in which it was wound on the conductor tube of paper or plastic. Voice coil oscillates back and forth direction in accordance with the waveform for the audio signal flows in the conductor, it becomes an electromagnet. Vibration plate is directly connected to the voice coil, the sound of the waveform is equal to the audio signal is emitted into the air by the diaphragm to vibrate together. This is the principle of the linear motor itself, it is possible to perform a dynamic type speaker and a kind of linear motor.

And so that each part of the above is fixed to the frame, called a frame, and completed as a unit. The permanent magnet is rigidly fixed to the frame, but it is necessary to diaphragm and the voice coil vibrates, the voice coil via the damper, the vibration plate is called stretched so as to surround the outer periphery thereof an "edge" via the flexible membrane, it is fixed to the frame, respectively. Suspension for fixed to the frame the diaphragm edge and damper is (suspension system), but I'm so as not to interfere with movement only in the longitudinal direction. Also, dampers have a role in suppressing the natural frequency of the diaphragm. There are usually threaded hole in the frame, the unit is attached to the enclosure and thereby.

High magnetic flux density is required for the permanent magnets used in magnetic circuit. Ferrite magnet with excellent cost performance is often used, but such as neodymium magnets and samarium-cobalt magnet strong magnetic force is also used for the small speaker. It should be noted, alnico magnet was also used to center the luxury goods before, but I was no longer seen now mostly because the nickel price was high boiling. In addition there is a merit magnetic resistance is small in alnico magnet, but there is also a disadvantage that need easy to demagnetization, a special magnetic circuit.

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