Dell U2414H Monitor

A very good monitor. But on my MBP there are a few unpleasant problems:
The Changing the screen settings for turning is just awkward in the system settings possible (since there was already in the 90s of the last century monitors the better with the Mac could) and the monitor does not get along with the OS X screen saver. You have to restart it after exiting the screensaver.

The build quality is to be expected as Dell ... super! The panel produced a briliantes image and with the small edges of the monitor is very high quality! In criticism I have, however, the touch-sensitive keys, they are a disgrace. You have to know exactly at what point they react and in the dark you can not see it already. There's only on suspicion press somewhere until the menu appears in the display.

The screen has a very good picture, brightness distribution is quite uniform, and the height and tilt adjustment is very convenient.
Negative is not only the included as default for the input signal MIni-DP cable but the normal DP input. An automatic detection can not be the problem. This has led to frustration 1h at me because of a black screen for the geunden I had no explanation, because I had done everything correctly according to installation instructions.

Therefore actually 4.5 stars

Too bad that the edges and corners are unevenly illuminated. This falls in my opinion but not in "normal" operation on bright (eg Office, Internet, etc.) but only in dark motionless representations and therefore to get over considering the price for me.

Operate on (very good, I think) monitor a Thinkpad X201 and a Mac Mini. First attempts, the TP via DisplayPort and Mac via (Thunderbolt -> MDP) to operate Mini DisplayPort suggested so far failed, as that switching only because flipped when the monitor for a few seconds was switched off (took me a few days, this find out). Did it a DP -> HDMI cable ordered for the TP, only klappts "on the fly".

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Kai Shadow

Author:Kai Shadow
Selamat datang ke FC2!

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