Wansview WiFi Lan/WLan Ideal Camera

For the price I did not expect much - and I was surprised by the good quality. My D-Link DCS-932L delivers significantly poorer images and is also non-rotating / swivel. Therefore, I am very pleasantly surprised by the Wansview camera. An approximately 40 square meters large room is very well lit at me from the infrared diodes and imaged by the camera. Would I buy again. I've been thinking to replace the D-Link DCS-932L against another Wansview.

Ideal camera - infrared function works flawlessly. We currently use the camera in the nursery to watch our baby when it is sleeping. Baby gets thereof with nothing. Later, you can see the camera if necessary, during the holiday period in the apartment up. With cell phone can monitor camera recording while on the go

I bought this camera to keep an eye on my animals while I'm on vacation. Commissioning is as previously described very simply.
Connect the device via cable and immediately set to go. The access via the Internet is easily set in. I had individual problems. In case of difficulty, you should enable not only in the router's port forwarding, but also look in modem times. Otherwise described as a super camera that easily and quickly gives me a look at my animals.

The installation of the software was delivered with difficulty. Unpack the camera and connect to a LAN cable to your router. Search with the IP-Cam-search program the camera, then you can assign the camera the correct IP address. By default, the camera is placed on the Http port 80, I have yet laid there for safety on the Http port 8090. Thus, the camera is visible on the Internet, must be set up (in my 8090) on the router nor a release (Port Forwarding) with the IP address of the camera and the decorated Http Port. Since the IP address of the router to the outside world changes every 24 hours (forced separation by the provider), you should still set up a DNS on the router (Dynamic Namespace Service). At best a free provider (I have taken selfhost.de). Subscribe to the DNS provider and enter their login information in the router, done. Now the camera has a fixed name can appeal to the Internet anywhere, of course, a username and password, goes without saying. Have fun with the Wansview camera!

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Kai Shadow

Author:Kai Shadow
Selamat datang ke FC2!

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