My New Love Samsung Galaxy S4 mini Smartphone

My new love after SPlus that I had before. At the most brilliant I think it is even available in purple (ok, I'm a girl;-D) The size is just right, it fits exactly with Flip Case in my pocket. I just think that, most of the preinstalled apps are, and not also erasable absolutely unnecessary for me. It sucks a bit when it constantly updates are reported. The camera is fantastic, the flashlight function super practical. Nothing to complain about.

I'm excited about this great Samsung s4 mini !!! I switched from iPhone to this unit and do not regret it. Advantages of the Samsung is that the memory can be expanded with a memory card. Operation simple, mobile is very good in the hand, looks very nice and the price performance ratio is enormous. About 300 euros cheaper than the iPhone 5s. I can only recommend the Samsung.

Who does not want a expensive contract but prepaid like my daughter. Which is well served with this smartphone, affordable, relatively easy menu navigation, great colors, and in the end it is still unterzubringen.Somit terms of size everywhere I've decided for the mini.

As my mother has always had only worn the phones from me and my sister, she has now decided to own a mobile phone to buy. It should not be too expensive, because they had so far also do not have high expectations, but also not an old mill, which is slow and makes bad images.
As we've made good experiences with Samsung and the menu is simple, we opted for the S4 Mini. Why not the S4? Quite simply, the new Samsung phones are all so great that they do it quickly found in the pocket, my mother, however, is quite cumbersome from handling.

Now to the camera: It certainly does not make the most beautiful holiday pictures and the best quality, but the phone still makes like Samsung's usual good pictures. The system on the phone runs fast, no crashes and easy to understand. My mother has fun on the phone, although they always stood previously at loggerheads with technical devices. From my point of view the phone can nevertheless much and is for beginners, but also those who want to do with your smartphone, no special feats, very good geeingnet and more than recommended.

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Kai Shadow

Author:Kai Shadow
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