Philips HD4646 Kettle Basic series (1.5 liter, 2400 watt) white

The delivery was there the next day. The device does what it should. Therefore, all right. Sure, there are higher quality, but since I only need about 5 times a week the device in a second home, it is always good for this application.

It was important that it is wireless and has no open heating coil inside, as these would be difficult to clean. The switch makes a somewhat shaky impression, but works fine in conjunction with the shutdown temperature.

Compared to my other, a unit of Brown, you could tell a difference. For the others I have, however, also paid three times. One should always bear in mind.

Chic white kettle. Cable length is sufficient for us. Bi-manual operation I think is great, easy to maintain. In the time it takes to heat 500 ml water I brought out the coffee cup, filled soluble coffee. Brought milk from the fridge and made milk frother. Good value for money

The kettle has everything we expected: a lot of display, the ability to heat even very small amounts of water for baby bottles, wireless usage, an automatic shutoff, a lid that stays up, so that you can fill with a hand water

I am very pleased with the kettle. The water is heated quickly and the product is high quality workmanship.
Did this kettle for over 4 months and also looks as if it is brand new.

Had bought 10 years before me this kettle. Now he has become leaky. Although he funktinierte yet but it leaked water from the soil. Have ordered exactly the same model again because I was totally satisfied. Boils water quickly and the capacity also extends completely. If he holds back 10 years I'm going to order me again this kettle

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